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Essential Information


The hotels featured in our brochure and on our website are, in our opinion, the best available, however that does not mean that all of them are right for you. To some ‘luxury’ means a rustic ‘get-away-from-it-all’ retreat, while others expect a glamorous international resort. Taking time to browse our brochure, visit our website and discuss your particular requirements with our destination specialists will ensure that we can produce your dream holiday.

We can also arrange to book accommodation for you that is not featured in our brochure or that perhaps you have selected yourself. While we have absolutely no reason to believe that your selection would not be of a totally acceptable standard, our personal endorsement cannot be provided, nor any assurances or warranties in respect of the standard of facilities or levels of service.

When a hotel description states a ‘sea view’ or ‘ocean view’ this may in fact only be a partial or restricted view. In triple rooms, the third bed may be a rollaway extra bed. Many hotels may charge for some of the land and water activities listed.

As many of our hotels are in a tropical climate, they may attract unwelcome visitors of the insect variety. This is part and parcel of tropical life and rarely indicates a lack of hygiene, however if you do have concerns we recommend that you voice them to the Duty Manager while in resort.

Hotels can introduce charges for facilities which have been previously included e.g. Children’s club facilities, baby sitting services etc.

Airport taxes

Generally speaking the airport taxes are incorporated in the package price you have paid. Occasionally airports will apply a Departure Tax which requires to be paid in cash before your return flight. Please refer to the ‘Price Pledge / Surcharges’ section in our Booking Conditions which explains when we may have to pass increases in airport taxes on to you.

Alcohol and drugs

Restrictive legislation against the carriage of alcohol, prescription medication and other drugs is increasingly common in destinations worldwide.

To make the most of your trip visit for updated information on the laws governing alcohol, prescription medication, other drugs and restrictions on smoking / electronic cigarettes.

All Inclusive holidays

Where one of our resorts offers an All Inclusive product, it is worth noting that the All Inclusive aspect may start and finish at certain times on the dates of arrival and departure.

Resorts may also occasionally alter the specific terms of their All Inclusive package at short notice and this is something beyond our control.

Baggage allowance

Luggage allowances and permitted items including electronic devices, vary from airline to airline and we recommend that you check the luggage policy of the airline(s) with which you are flying. Any excess luggage will be charged at the discretion of the airline.

Please note that generally speaking, a lower luggage allowance will apply to most internal flights and seaplane transfers.

Check in times

It is your responsibility to respect the check in times specified by the airline on which you are travelling, and to ensure that you arrive at your point of departure in plenty of time. If Only... is unable to accept any liability if you miss your flight as a result of your late check-in or connecting transport being delayed.

Christmas, New Year and other peak seasons

It is commonplace for guests staying in resort hotels over the Christmas, New Year and other peak season periods to pay a supplement for compulsory additional services, such as gala dinners. It may also be necessary to pre-book restaurants during peak periods and there may also be a minimum nights’ stay requirement at some hotels, please enquire at time of booking. Some of our resorts also implement more stringent cancellation fees for peak season bookings.

Credit cards

At most hotels and resorts across the globe, credit cards are essential as they will be required to guarantee your hotel extras bill when you check in.

Disabled travellers

The enjoyment of your holiday is important to us but we recognise that some of the tours, cruises and holidays we offer may not be suitable for clients with reduced mobility or special requirements, so we strongly recommended that suitability is discussed prior to making your booking. We are happy to provide personal advice on whether a particular tour, cruise or holiday is suitable for your needs as we understand that each client will have their own specific requirements.

To make your arrangements run as smoothly as possible, our airline and other transport partners may require specific details of a health, disability or mobility issue prior to travel.

Dress code

Our destinations vary from the Himalayas to the deserts of Arabia, so advice on clothing will vary considerably from country to country. Many of our hotels, rail journeys and cruises observe a dress code, particularly for dining in the evening. At time of booking please ask our specialists for information on any applicable dress code policy. As dress code guidance changes frequently, please also check the relevant hotel, rail company or cruise line website nearer to your departure date for the most up to date information.

In public places or during particular holidays and festivals, in some of our destinations, conservative dress may be required. Being dressed in a ‘respectful’ manner particularly when visiting temples, churches, shrines and mosques is essential. Please check with our destination experts for advice on clothing that is acceptable in these culturally sensitive locations.


Any excursions booked and paid for in resort are operated by the local handling company. Accordingly, you will be subject to their booking conditions and cancellation charges. Given that If Only… is not party to the provision of these services, refunds cannot be obtained from us at any time, nor can we be held liable for any issue that may arise during such excursions.

Flight delays

Adverse weather conditions, air traffic congestion and technical problems may result in flight delays. While the airline may make alternative arrangements to ensure you reach your destination, there will be no compensation for any loss of services or any consequential reduction in the length of your holiday. However, such matters may be the subject of a claim on your insurance policy. For further information see our Booking Conditions.

Flight schedule changes

Regrettably airlines occasionally change their flight schedules. Please note that we cannot be held responsible for any such changes made after the time of booking. Final flight times will be detailed on your travel documentation, please check these times carefully.

Government and health advice

Should you have any concerns regarding travel due to political unrest, potential violence etc. we would recommend that you check the latest Government travel advice.

It is imperative when travelling to our destinations that you consult your GP or local health clinic before booking your trip and before travelling, to make sure that you have taken all the necessary health precautions. Other sources of information include and the National Travel Health Network and Centre. As conditions can change quickly, please also check the current health requirements of the destination you are visiting closer to your departure date. Some countries will require additional certification or visas from travellers who may have been in regions of epidemic.

You must also, at time of booking, inform If Only... of any pre-existing medical conditions or disability which may affect your holiday. Passengers who have reached 28 weeks in their pregnancy may not accepted by the majority of airlines without a medical certificate, however conditions vary from airline to airline.

If you plan to travel to any of our hotels that are above 3,000 metres and have circulation, heart or respiratory problem then please consult your doctor before booking.

Please note that you are strongly advised against scuba diving for 24 hours before travelling by air.

Hotel classification

Across the regions of the world that we feature there is no standardised classification and grading of hotels. However we appreciate that a ‘star’ rating is often the first point of reference when considering a resort or hotel for your holiday. Wherever possible we have included the official star rating as provided by that destination’s official tourism authority. If this is not available we have asked our partner hotels to supply us with the star grading that they normally use.

This is not a categorisation implemented by If Only… but a reflection of what each hotel or resort promotes its classification/grading to be, so it is important to read carefully the individual hotel descriptions. Our specialists can also help in explaining the services, facilities and standards of each hotel or resort that we feature.

Loyalty programmes

If requested to do so, we will add hotel and airline loyalty programme membership numbers to your booking where possible, but please note that on some of our specially negotiated rates ‘points’ or ‘miles’ are not always awarded.

Maintenance work

In order to maintain high standards, hotel renovation is a continual process, particularly in the low season. In this event, hotel management will ensure that any disturbance to guests is restricted to the absolute minimum. If we have been made aware of any significant renovation programme, we will advise you before travel.

In some of our destinations construction work is commonplace and we will use our best efforts to ensure that you are advised in advance of any intended works within your hotel or in the immediate vicinity. Hotels are not liable for any building works or developments taking place out with their property and gardens, therefore decisions to amend bookings are entirely at the discretion of your hotel.

Some works may be unscheduled and therefore we would not be in a position to inform you before departure. Regrettably we cannot accept responsibility for such improvement/building/construction works but if we are of the opinion that this may seriously impair the enjoyment of your holiday we will offer you the opportunity to transfer to an alternative hotel of comparable standard. If the alternative available is at an extra cost, the difference will be payable by you. Should an alternative property of a comparable standard be unavailable, If Only… will give you the option to cancel and you will be given a full refund.

Passenger names and advance passenger information

Increasingly airlines require Advance Passenger Information at time of booking or well before date of travel. It is essential that the name(s) you provide at the time of booking conform(s) to that on your passport(s). Airlines will not allow any subsequent changes to the spelling of name(s) without a substantial financial penalty. This point of information is particularly relevant to honeymoon couples where the bride decides to change her surname subsequent to the booking having been placed. Replacement passengers are not permitted to take over existing flights booked.

Passport information, date(s) of birth, your mobile phone number and emergency contact numbers are required at time of booking. It is also essential that a mobile phone contact number for the Lead passenger is provided to If Only... at time of booking. Without this information, assistance with weather related cancellations, delays or re-booking cannot be effectively provided by If Only... in accordance with the Package Travel Directive, and no reimbursement shall be made.

Passports and visas

It is solely your responsibility to obtain any passports, visas, health certificates, international driving licences, entry requirements and other travel documents required for your holiday including all stops en route. We do not accept any responsibility or liability if you cannot travel, or incur any other loss because you have not complied with any passport, visa or immigration requirements or any health formalities. See our Booking Conditions for more information.

Currently, a valid ten-year British Passport, with a minimum validity of at least six months on the arrival date back in the UK is required for all holidays we feature. Should your passport be in the final year of validity we advise you to thoroughly check the requirements of the country you intend to visit prior to finalising your travel plans. For further detailed information please visit Non British citizens must check their passport and visa requirements prior to booking with the Embassy or Consulate of the country they intend to visit.


The prices shown throughout our brochure and website are the minimum available at the time of pricing and are subject to availability. Individual quotations may be given based upon your travel dates, departure airport, airline and class of travel, as well as your preferred room grade.

Prices shown, unless otherwise stated, include:

  • Economy class international flights from London and any internal flights
  • Accommodation in low season in 2018 based upon 2 adults sharing
  • Meals as detailed
  • Private car transfers or speedboat/seaplane transfers
  • Services of our representatives in most resorts
  • UK departure taxes and passenger service charges

From time to time we may produce special offers, please contact your travel agent for full details. See our Booking Conditions for our Price Pledge.

Ramadan and local festivals

Experiencing the culture of our destinations can be a highly enriching experience particularly during religious and local festivals. Observance of local customs may be more pronounced at these times and visitors should treat theses traditions with respect.

Please follow local guidance such as restrictions on alcohol consumption, ‘respectful’ dress etc. at all times but particularly during these festivals. Some excursions and tours may be liable to changes or cancellation at short notice due to local holidays or festivals. Advance notice of these changes may not readily available and if you are affected please contact the local representative or tour provider who may be able to make alternative arrangements. If Only… cannot be held responsible for alcohol being unavailable during local festivals and holidays.

Room check in and check out times

Check in and check out times may vary from hotel to hotel, please enquire at the time of booking. Some of our hotels will endeavour to accommodate early arrivals or late departures but this is not always possible. If you would like to have access to your room out with normal check in/check out times for an additional period or for an extra night, this can be arranged for a supplement at the time booking.

Seat requests

Most airlines will not permit you to pre allocate seats until your flight booking is ticketed. Many have introduced charges to pre book regardless of class of travel therefore please refer to the airlines’ website for current information and guidance. Please be aware that pre bookable seat selection is not guaranteed (as per the airlines’ conditions of carriage).

Special requests

We will do our utmost to ensure that any special requests or special needs you may have are satisfied, whether they relate to the flight or your hotel. Such requests must be made in writing. However, please appreciate that they are merely ‘requests’ and therefore cannot be guaranteed.

Unused services

Refunds are not available for services booked and provided but not utilised.


Throughout our brochure and website, we have included a brief overview providing information on average general weather conditions. Please note that this is for guidance and cannot be relied upon as weather conditions around the world are becoming more unpredictable. If Only… cannot be held liable for any impairment of your holiday caused by adverse weather conditions.