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The exclusive Constance Lémuria, with its own 18-hole Championship golf course, is surrounded by exquisite beaches, clear water, lush vegetation and giant granite boulders. Experience the ultimate holiday in a sanctuary which is in harmony with its surroundings and live in a place where unforgettable memories are forged.


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At a glance

  • Luxury Hotel
  • 5 Star Deluxe
  • 105 Rooms
  • 7 restaurants and bars
  • 1 pools


Getting There

Arrival Airport

Seychelles International Airport

Approximate flight times

Approximately 14 hours from the UK

Time difference

GMT +4


Approximately 15 minutes by plane from Seychelles International Airport


The Seychelles boasts a tropical climate making it a good place to visit at any time of the year. However, different times of the year may be better suited depending on a visitor's particular interests. From November to March north west trade winds bring much of the island's life giving rains and is an ideal time for fishers to stay, while the south east trade winds which blow from May to September bring cooler and windier conditions, perfect for sailing, surfing and hiking. The periods of calm between these months normally produce warm weather, calm seas and superb conditions for swimming, snorkelling and diving.