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Why 2024 is the year you should visit Las Vegas


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Though deep in the Mojave Desert the shrubs and Joshua trees remain steadfast, and the red hues lie mostly unperturbed, a gentle zephyr carries with it whispers of the legendary nights of Las Vegas, the entertainment capital of the world. 

Many say that the USA is the land of the free or a land of opportunity, but while other cities may encourage a degree of caution, Las Vegas opens its arms to those looking to have fun, endless fun. Many view Las Vegas as a sea of debauchery wrapped in neon, and it can be if you want it to be, but it is so much more than that. Las Vegas offers a pulsating gastronomy scene, fabulous hotels, incredible live shows and events for a variety of interests.

Once the stomping grounds for legends like Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and Dolly Parton, like all iconic destinations Las Vegas has a long history, and so it’s a destination which doesn’t need a whole lot of introducing, or does it?

In 2024, Las Vegas is experiencing a serious glow-up, with some incredibly exciting new attractions and events.

Let’s take a look at why Las Vegas needs to go back on your travel wish list for 2024

The highly anticipated Fontainebleau Las Vegas has finally opened

The highly anticipated Fontainebleau Las Vegas opened its doors just last month in December 2023, and we are absolutely in love. Inspired by the brand’s legacy of opulence and unparalleled service, the hotel’s facade is strikingly futuristic, evoking a feeling that upon entering fantasies are here to be realised. At 67 stories tall, this behemoth holds a staggering 3,644 rooms and is the tallest hotel in Las Vegas. Rooms are plush, comfortable and offer unmatched views of the iconic Las Vegas skyline.

As you would expect from Fontainebleau, every inch of the interior has been considered, with details and shapes converging to create a visually pleasing and stimulating experience wherever you look. Entertainment options include a grand 150,000 square foot casino, the exclusive LIV nightclub and a three-storied theatre. When it comes to dining, Fontainebleau is characterised by moments of the utmost pleasure. The hotel holds 36 gorgeous dining venues, including Don Prime, a sumptuous steakhouse with that class old-school steakhouse charm and Komodo, which offers a bold, fragrant culinary trip to Southeast Asia.

However, as irresistible as Fontainebleau Las Vegas may be, what we really appreciate is that this resort devotes as much effort to counterbalancing such decadence with its wonderful wellness facilities. Spa options are possibly best described as imitating the routines that an A-list celebrity might do to remain at the very top of their game!

Be a part of history at the F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix

2023 was the year that the F1 Grand Prix came to Las Vegas, attracting huge swathes of global interest and demonstrating how Las Vegas has expanded its entertainment offering even further.

The world's best Formula One drivers blazed through the desert in what turned out to be one of the most tense, exciting races of the year; the unstoppable Max Verstappen took top spot on the podium while fellow Red Bull driver Sergio Perez and rival Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc came in second and third respectively.

Not just a treat for F1 fans, the Grand Prix is a hugely exciting event for the whole city. The Las Vegas Grand Prix is a total spectacle, as drivers race by the Bellagio Fountains and a backdrop of iconic hotels. A number of pre- and post-race celebrations and concerts take place around the big race which is attended by a real mix of F1 fans, curious tourists and big name celebrities, so there is a real buzz around the place.

Experience the future of entertainment at MSG The Sphere

Allow us to introduce to you the future of entertainment venues, the Sphere. The venue opened its doors in September 2023 and costing some 2.3 billion dollars and marks a revolutionary new phase of attending live performances. The Sphere creates a truly immersive experience with a 160,000-square-foot 16K-resolution LED screen, haptic seating and 150,000 speakers which combine to create one of the most visceral sensory experiences you’ve ever experienced. Just imagine seeing your favourite band and quite literally feeling the music.

The Sphere’s inaugural concert was performed by U2, which of course immediately went viral and shortly thereafter onto everyone’s bucket list. You can now buy tickets every day to Darren Aronofsky's 'Postcards from Earth’, a 2-hour spectacle which takes the audience on a journey to see our world like never before, journeying from the world's more remote destinations to outer space.

The Sphere also provides a spectacular, visually stunning treat for onlookers as it holds 580,000 square feet of LED displays on its exterior which shows impressive dynamic displays that bring a new dimension of whimsy and personification to the Las Vegas skyline.