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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Grenada


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Grenada is situated in the Caribbean and is comprised of the island of Grenada itself in addition to two smaller islands, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. Referred to as the Spice of the Caribbean this country is famous for its aromatic spices, especially nutmeg, and organic chocolate. Known for its unspoiled natural beauty and its authentic Grenadian culture, Grenada is truly a one of a kind destination.

There is certainly no shortage of reasons why you should visit Grenada but in case you need convincing we have detailed our top 5 reasons to visit below!

1. Abundance of Natural Beauty

A reason why many people visit Grenada (and why you should too!) is its abundance of natural beauty. The country is home to 40 white pristine sandy beaches, one of which is the world famous Grand Anse Beach. This unspoiled beautiful beach stretches for two miles along the southwest coastline and provides a stunning view of St. George, the country’s capital city. Grenada also boasts 15 magnificent waterfalls, a must visit being Turfton Waterfall which is situated inland south east of Victoria. A guide is recommended when visiting these stunning falls along the St. Mark’s River as they are challenging to reach but well worth the effort. Undoubtably a highlight for nature lovers is Grand Etang National Park and Forest Reserve. This national park is full of lush vegetation which offers shelter for a wide range of animals, especially for the many species of birds including the broad winged hawk and the Antillean crested hummingbird.

2. Festivals and Events

Grenada hosts numerous exciting festivals and events every year, another reason you must visit this Caribbean island. Don’t miss Grenada Chocolate Fest 2023, an annual week long festival starting on May 16th. Hear the story of Grenada’s chocolate, learn about cocoa farming, make your own chocolate, indulge in chocolate inspired food and drinks, and experience a range of entertainment celebrating the island’s ethical tree-to-bar chocolate. Anyone who wants a true experience of Grenadian culture should ensure they experience Spicemas, a vibrant and lively festival which takes place on the second Monday and Tuesday in August. This festival has taken place annually since 1981 and is the ultimate celebration of the Grenada culture with concerts, street dancers, vibrant outfits, and pageantry. Another festival not to be missed is the River Sallee Saraka which is held annually the Friday after Good Friday. This celebration involves local cuisine and dancing and drumming, all which stem from the country’s African roots.

3. Historic Attractions
Another reason to visit Grenada is the Historic Attractions. A must visit is the bastion type fort, Fort Frederick which is regarded as Grenada's best preserved fort and is perched on top of Richmond Hill, offering stunning panoramic views of St. George. Also be sure to visit The Tower Estate and Garden which is one of the island's most interesting and lush gardens located around an 100 year old historic great house. Take a guided tour by the garden's current creator, Victoria Slinger, where you will learn about her insights and artistic plan as you stroll through the garden. Admire the gardens collection of tropical and spice trees including bay leaf trees and mahogany trees in addition to an extensive variety of plants including ginger lilies and heliconias. Visitors should also explore Westerhall Estate, a rum distillery which is home to the oldest working waterway in the western hemisphere. Marvel at the old artefacts and equipment which makes up the rum making process in addition to sampling a wide range of rums such as the "Spicy Rum Punch".
4. Unique Shopping

You are guaranteed to find unique shopping experiences in Grenada. Visit Arawak Islands, a small locally owned shop, which sells a range of hand-made products including pure coconut oil and spice soaps, incenses, boil oils and insect repellents. All of the products are 100% natural made with most of the raw materials being sourced straight from the island’s soil. Not to be missed is a visit to the Grand Anse Craft & Spice Market where you will find aromatic spices, custom-made jewellery, arts and crafts, and leather goods, as well as hair braiding services. Another must visit for shopping lovers is North South Wines which is the biggest wine specialist, wine importer and wholesaler in Grenada. With Grenada being famous for nutmeg, no visit is complete without a visit to the All Things Nutmeg Souvenir Shop. Browse a variety of products dedicated to nutmeg including jams, jellies, home décor, massage oils and soaps while the aroma of nutmeg fills the store.

5. Exciting Adventures

Grenada is a perfect destination for those looking for adventure. There are countless activities on offer by experienced tour operators throughout the country from countryside tours and sports fishing to scuba diving. Snorkel through gorgeous reefs and marvel at the one of a kind Underwater Sculpture Park in the island’s stunning Marine Protected Area with Dive Grenada, an Award Winning PADI 5 Star and BSAC Diving Resort. Not to be missed is a sightseeing safari tour to some of the island’s pristine bays and cays among the off-shore islands with Henry’s Safari Tours. Explore Grenada’s natural beauty through a full day all-terrain jeep tour where you are guaranteed magnificent sights with Adventure Jeep Tours. Head to Whisper Cove Marina in Woburn Bay for a kayak tour, suitable for both beginners and experts, with Conservation Kayak who are 100% committed to protecting the island’s environment.

No matter what kind of holiday you’re looking for Grenada has something for everyone to enjoy!