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Things to do in The Whitsundays


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Go to the Whitsundays and watch wonderfully wispy beaches dance around impossible shades of turquoise. Go to the Whitsundays and you’ll realise that, actually, sometimes the grass is greener (and the sand whiter and water bluer for that matter).

Let’s get straight to it and breakdown our Whitsundays wish list.

Whitehaven Beach

Some say one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Whitehaven beach is dominated by blues, whites and greens. Framed by dense layers of lush vegetation, the white sand forms artistic expressions as it dances a slow dance with the changing turquoise water. This 4.3 mile stretch of beach is one of the 74-island archipelago’s most loved residents.

Protected by the Whitsunday Islands National Park and forming a part of the Great Barrier Reef, Whitehaven has been voted the world’s most eco-friendly beaches and also one of the cleanest. While here, it is customary to pay a visit to the neighbouring Hill Inlet, which provides arguably the best views of this landscape. This is another great place to let the moment take you, but we won’t blame you for getting that money shot for your Instagram.

Hook Island

The second-largest island in the Whitsunday group, Hook Island is a rugged island with a mixture of popular and more secluded beaches which give way to spectacular corals and reefs. The calm waters make for great swimming and kayaking conditions, and high visibility means snorkelers can catch a glimpse of the incredible sea life below.

Conway National Park

Conway National Park is a lush utopia where the sound of crashing waterfalls and native wildlife create a soundscape of serenity. Conway National Park has a unique biodiversity park with both coastal and rainforest features. Walking through the trails here is a sensory experience as you bathe in the sounds, scents and textures of the rainforest.

Journey to Heart Reef

Taking a helicopter ride is one of the best ways to see the Whitsundays; with such clear water, the turquoise tapestry which lies beneath the surface reveals itself, including the world-famous heart reef. Taking off in the helicopter is a spectacular experience in itself and often evokes an emotional reaction as you really get the scale of such a geographical wonder from above.

Sail with Explore Whitsundays

If you’re going to go on a sailing trip, there’s possibly no better place to do it than in the improbably idyllic Whitsundays Islands. Explore Whitsundays offer a mix of day trips and overnight trips. The team at Explore Whitsundays excel at curating excellent sailing trips which include getting the chance to see the most stunning locations such as Airlie Beach and Whitehaven Beach and getting to swim and snorkel in the glorious water as well as enjoying delicious meals on board.