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The World is Waiting with The Ritz-Carlton, Koh Samui


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As experts and connoisseurs of luxury travel, we have a somewhat refined palate when it comes to perusing the offering of five-star resorts, and The Ritz-Carlton, Koh Samui is one that truly delighted our senses. Tucked away in the northeastern shore of Koh Samui, this oceanfront establishment is exceedingly tasteful; sleek, modern architecture characterised by defined edges and an elegant blend of wood and stone gives the impression that this hotel was carved out of the spectacular natural setting in which it resides.

Indeed, built on the site of a former coconut plantation, the resort pays homage to its past through the use of coconut and natural materials and is elevated by a verdant entourage of palm trees and stunning views of the Gulf of Thailand.

Although it is eminently obvious that The Ritz-Carlton, Koh Samui is an essential component in your dream trip to Thailand, we will now take great pleasure in diving deeper into what makes this place so fabulous.

Suites and Villas
Suites and villas

Let’s start with where you’ll be lucky enough to call home for, well, what we imagine will be as long as you can possibly stay there for! We’ll preface this section by saying that while The Ritz-Carlton offers a variety of accommodations, there quite simply are no ‘ordinary’ room types. Guests may wish to opt for a two-bedroom suite or a select terrace suite, the former being an excellent option for families as it is capable of hosting 4 adults and two children under 12 or 5 adults and one child. However, both suites are spacious and utilise Thai furnishings and accents that inspire a spirit of calm. 

Maintaining this elegant simplicity while adding an element of indulgence are the hotel’s villas. Ultimate Pool Villas each have their own infinity pool with panoramic views of the ocean from their clifftop location and are fitted with a number of amenities including rainforest shower heads and integrated entertainment systems.


Now, as much as all of the aforementioned superlatives stand true with regard to the hotel’s design and accommodation, it would nonetheless be disappointing if the hotel’s dining options weren’t equally sumptuous. However, that’s not something we have to fret over at The Ritz-Carlton, Koh Samui because culinary excellence is, of course, on the menu.

Shook! is the perfect place to ease into the day seduced by the fragrance of freshly baked pastries or traditional Thai delicacies. Daytime dining takes place in pool and beachside Sea Salt, where Thai favourites and international dishes sit side by side. P.S, Tides hits the spot for a cooling poolside drink! Alternatively, for meat lovers, the steakhouse offers premium cuts of meat and seafood in a classy setting. Prepared to perfection and paired beautifully with a selection of wine, we implore all meat and seafood lovers to head to The Ranch at least once during their stay here.

Our personal favourite? It just has to be The View Dining, the place where bespoke fine dining meets the tropical beauty of Thailand with breathtaking panoramic views of the Gulf of Thailand.


If you’re still reading (meaning you haven’t impulsively thrust your attention towards the hotel’s availability), then we’re sure you’ll already be suitably impressed with a growing appetite to hear more about the ways in which The Ritz-Carlton, Koh Samui can inspire you further.

We’re more than happy to oblige. Inspired by the therapeutic properties of the natural local ingredients and age-old healing practices of the region, the Spa Village Koh Samui offers holistic and rejuvenating spa programmes while also respecting the environment, culture and traditions of the area. The spa incorporates invigorating natural ingredients of coconut, healing herbs, water therapy and fresh flowers to restore a sense of natural balance within oneself. All treatments can of course be introduced by the signature Songkran showers, a pre-spa ritual that derives from the annual Songkran festival involving the joyful throwing of water.

What we particularly love about the Spa Village Koh Samui is not just how luxurious and indulgent the treatments are, but the innovative approach to wellness that is grounded in a genuine passion for the craft and how it is integrative of the resort’s cherished natural surroundings.

Things to do
Things to do

We certainly wouldn’t blame you for not wanting to leave the lavish confines of The Ritz-Carlton, Koh Samui, but there’s of a plethora of entertaining activities to get involved in during your stay. For one, the resort is situated along Thailand’s spectacular turquoise coastline with two secluded beaches for guests to relax on. Guests can also discover the largest swim reef in Southeast Asia within the resort for unique snorkelling experiences. Or, why not learn art of Muay Thai with highly-trained instructors? Practising this 400-year-old Thai sport is a must on any Thailand itinerary. For those seeking a bona fide travel experience, guests can explore the nearby town and discover the Fisherman’s village, Big Buddha Temple and the bustling nightlife of Chaweng Beach.