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Reasons to fall in love with Barbados


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From the rugged coastline and wild surf of the east coast to the relaxed luxury and calm Caribbean Sea in the west, Barbados has something for everyone. Although tempting to stay by the beautiful beaches, inland there are delightful treasures to be discovered - old plantation houses, quaint villages with their Anglican churches and cricket pitches, beautiful botanical gardens, and colourful rum shacks.


On arrival in Barbados, you will experience one of the warmest and friendliest welcomes in the Caribbean as the locals are known for their welcoming charm and sophistication. A welcoming island with year round sunshine makes Barbados the ideal holiday destination. Barbados is well known for being the birthplace of rum and the culinary capital of the Caribbean, and is home to picturesque beaches and world class watersports.

Tropical Climate

With over 3,000 hours of sunshine every year and an average daytime high of 30 degrees, Barbados is warm and sunny all year round. During the wet season from July to November, short rain showers can be expected, quickly followed by more glorious sunshine making it the perfect year round destination!

The Birthplace of Rum

Any Barbados experience is incomplete until you've sampled their oldest and greatest export, rum. Discover the story, the mysteries and the secrets behind the islands finest and most celebrated spirit. The Mount Gay Rum tour, one of the island’s most popular excursions, tells the story of the world’s oldest (and some say finest) rum. The 300 year story of how a plantation in Barbados’ northern parish of St. Lucy became home to one of the world’s most famous rums is told through presentations, artefacts, photo galleries, a video show, a visit to the bottling area and, of course, not to be missed tastings.

The Culinary Capital of the Caribbean

Home to a fabulous quality of restaurants ranging from fine dining establishments to friendly beach bars and bistros, and with an abundance of fine restaurants offering local cuisine, seafood and continental cuisine, the wide range of dining options ensures that there is something to suit every taste. Bajan cuisine is a mixture of African, Indian, Irish, Creole and British influences and is known for putting a unique spin on traditional Caribbean classics - whether it’s cassava bread, fried conch, or macaroni and cheese - to create a flavour profile that is all its own. Flying fish is an emblem of the island of Barbados, and is an iconic national dish that visitors must try at least once during their stay. This won’t be hard to accomplish, however, as some variation of the seafood is served at nearly every restaurant on the island, whether it’s a beach-side shack or a fine-dining restaurant.

Beautiful Beaches

Home to over 80 white idyllic white sandy beaches Barbados is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean. At 21 miles long by 14 miles at its widest point, you are never more than 20 minutes from the coast, where you can enjoy the islands beautiful beaches. One not to be missed is on the island’s southeast coast where there is a flight of steps that lead down to hidden Shark Hole - a small strand of white beach that’s almost completely encircled by rocks. This secluded cove offers beautiful photo opportunities, with the gap in rocks revealing vistas of the reef beyond and this picture-perfect beach is also a great place for swimming as the reef keeps the waters calm and clear.

World Class Watersports

Barbados is the best place for watersports in the Caribbean, offering fun and adventure against a stunning backdrop, surrounded by crystal clear waters and blessed with mile after mile of stunning beaches. Activities range from the adrenaline-fueled thrills of jet skiing, kite-surfing and parasailing to kayaking or simply relaxing on the deck of a sail boat as it gently explores the coastline. If you’re looking for more of a challenge, scuba diving attractions include natural reefs, shipwrecks and curious sea turtles where you can discover the natural underwater beauty of this beautiful island.