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Passport to Paradise: OZEN LIFE MAADHOO


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OZEN LIFE MAADHOO is situated on the South Male Atoll on the island of Maadhoo, which at 6 acres in size is almost literally a drop in the ocean when placed against the third largest body of water in the world, the Indian Ocean. This in turn grants it a sense of exclusivity, seclusion and privacy that is as close to a new dimension as one can get.

Here, things are different. Time doesn't play by the same rules as it does elsewhere - as you know it. Of course the sun rises and sets (in spectacular form), but the days are longer, time tries not to escape you but comforts you with its abundant reasons for joy. There is no sense of urgency, yet at the same time boredom is a concept which doesn't seem to exist. Colours are more vibrant than you've ever experienced, the turquoise hues of the gentle lapping waters of the lagoon are uplifting, and the greens of the lush vegetation are so profound they provide you with a comforting sense of the world's vitality.

So how does OZEN manage to create a luxurious resort fit for such a beautiful location?


We couldn’t talk about OZEN LIFE MAADHOO and not mention the INDULGENCE ™ Plan, designed to allow you to make the most of every moment. The INDULGENCE ™ Plan ensures that the feeling of awe and amazement you get upon arrival stays with you throughout your entire trip. From premium drinks and dining experiences to sunset fishing excursions, everything is included.

Stay in a Quintessential Paradise

There are five categories of accommodation at OZEN LIFE MAADHOO. Earth Villas are breezy and elegant, positioned on the soft sands of the beach, with an outdoor deck and bathroom complete with a monsoon shower for the ultimate beach luxury. There are two upgrades on the Earth Villas: the Earth Villa with Pool and the Earth Pool Pavilion. The former accentuates the refreshing natural beauty of the villas’ surroundings with an 8-metre swimming pool and a gloriously deep outdoor soaking tub. Earth Pool Pavilions are the pinnacle of family luxury, offering all of the luxuries of an earth villa but with two-bedrooms, each with their own living space and outdoor lounge area, as well as a lavish 35 m2 private pool with fibre optic mood lighting. It simply doesn’t get any better than that.

Although some may argue it does, when selecting a dreamy Wind Villa or Wind Villa with Pool. Evocative of paradise, these villas offer infinite views of the ocean from your lavish villa, which is cosy and comfortable. You can even appreciate these views while bathing in an aromatic bathtub. The second tier of Wind Villa adds a touch of magic with an infinity pool which has ambient lighting for swimming underneath the night sky.

World-class dining

Let’s get straight to it. Dining at OZEN LIFE MAADHOO is quite frankly exceptional. M6m is an underwater restaurant serving succulent seafood with windows which look directly into the reef; Traditions Peking and Traditions IndoCeylon offer an authentic taste of China and India/Sri Lanka respectively; Lonu is a concept restaurant that refines celebrated Maldivian recipes and The Palms is a joyous place which serves champagne breakfasts, lunches and dinners and international cuisine with a lagoon backdrop.

For more relaxed flavours and refreshing cocktails, choose between the idyllic Hudhu Bay beach club, the Miami-chic Joie de Vivre or the adults-only specialist gin bar, Gin Is In.

Align yourself with nature

A relaxing massage on a tropical island is probably most people’s idea of paradise. Ele | Na Spa & Wellness is an essential part of your Maldives’ experience. Endearingly centred around the natural elements of wind, water, fire, earth and wood, spa treatments are designed to revive you and put you in complete alignment with nature. You’ll feel a deeper connection to the island as you experience the textures, scents and tastes that can be found throughout the resort.

The spa is built over water and has glass-bottom floors for an irresistibly relaxing experience. Treatments are wide ranging and guests can also make use of the sauna, salt pool, salon and boutique while here.

Make unforgettable memories

OZEN LIFE MAADHOO’s curated experiences really top off the OZEN journey, guaranteeing thrills and once-in-a-lifetime memories. Explore the reef like a diver from the comfort of a semi-submarine, Sub-Zen, which with its large glass windows offer phenomenal views of the reef. Guests can also choose to have a blast with a selection of water sports and even enjoy complimentary snorkelling experiences near the island of Maadhoo. However, perhaps the most immersive experience is Dolphin Base Maadhoo, a PADI diving school which allows you to swim over exotic coral formations and swim with its mythical residents: the spotted eagle ray, parrotfish and whale shark.

Though ones we view as absolutely compulsory, the experiences on offer are not just limited to water-based activities. Enjoy a magical cinema under the stars, play a few sets of tennis and even renew your wedding vows!