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Adventure in Sydney and New South Wales


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Our world is vast and wonderful beyond even our own comprehension and beyond means of experiencing all of its adventure, natural beauty and culture. However, New South Wales is a destination which comes close to matching this magnitude of diversity; the red hues of the Outback make way for the lush greens of the rainforest all while one of the world’s most iconic cities, Sydney, lies on its coast and is itself an explosion of life. 

Indeed, any trip to Sydney and New South Wales guarantees adventure thanks to this eclectic mix of dramatic landscapes, cosmopolitan cities and world-famous beaches. Below, we list our top picks for adventure in Sydney and New South Wales

Sydney BridgeClimb

Conquer one of Australia’s most iconic landmarks and take in a 360°  panoramic view from the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It is here where you can channel the energy of the city as the cars drive below and another lively day in this city unfolds before your eyes. And don’t forget you can snap your new profile picture with the Sydney Opera House and harbour in the background!

Surfing at Bondi Beach

Even if you’ve never surfed in your life, you’ll know Bondi Beach is the place to do it. Just 4 miles from the CBD, this world-famous beach attracts millions of visitors each year because of its banks of glorious sand, gorgeous views and awesome waves. If you’ve never surfed before, then a surf lesson on Bondi Beach is a must. Who knows, you might find yourself riding a beautiful, cerulean blue wave as the water crashes behind.  

Bondi is also the place to be as a lively destination with plenty of bars, restaurants, boutique shops and food markets!

Hiking in the Blue Mountains

The forest canopy breathes a divine blue haze which sits atop the horizon, and it is from this the Blue Mountains gets its name. Sandstone rock formations rise triumphantly out of the sea of greenery, none more so spectacularly than the beautiful Three Sisters. Deep ravines and streams which cut through the eucalypt forest meander and leave trails which reveal luxury retreats and surreal views. Follow a guide who will take you off the beaten track and visit remote lookout locations and learn about the Blue Mountains’ incredible cocktail of history, flora and fauna.

Kayaking at Byron Bay

Located in the northeast corner of New South Wales, Byron Bay has real style and personality. Have a day filled with adventure with a Cape Byron Kayaks guided tour and feel that sense of exhilaration as you share the sea with dolphins, turtles and whales. As well as a memorable experience in the crisp waters of Byron Bay, this is a great chance to combine active adventure with fascinating history; learn about aboriginal culture and history and visit Cape Byron lighthouse, Australia's most easterly point.    

Adventure resorts

There are also a number of accommodations which allow you to become fully immersed in the spirit of adventure. Spicers Sangoma Retreat can be defined as tranquil bush luxury, but its location in the heart of the Blue Mountains allows you to become fully immersed with hikes, wildlife tours and private abseiling adventures. Or, at Paperbark Camp in Jervis Bay, you can also bike or walk your way through some of the incredible scenery, stopping off to say hello to the Aussie wildlife. There are also two microbreweries to choose from, so you can drop by and enjoy the flavours of local beer craftsmanship.