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A passage through time with American Queen Voyages


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There are few cruise lines that can offer a unique sailing experience like American Queen Voyages. American Queen’s boutique vessels connect a triumphant heritage of American ingenuity to the world of luxury sailing in the modern day. Go on a passage through time as you make your way through North America’s great rivers on board The American Queen flagship fleet; paddle wheelers, antique interiors and ornate chimneys give the impression of exploring these destinations for the very first time.

A passage through time

Set sail on a passage through time as you discover America’s great rivers and communities as though you are a traveller from a bygone era; let the drum of the paddle wheeler serenade you or enjoy live entertainment daily with Broadway-inspired shows and performances. With such immersive surroundings and AQV’s expert guides, there is no better way to feel the history and culture of these often-overlooked communities and destinations. Indeed, in this spirit of authenticity, regionally inspired cuisine tells its own story of gastronomic innovation and history.

Discover North America's rivers, lakes and oceans

For many of those who reside in North America, passports are not a necessity thanks to the continent’s wide spectrum of geographical and cultural features. Take to the Ohio and Mississippi rivers and be seduced by the states’ southern charm in its quaint towns and riverbanks and head on up to Ohio’s cosmopolitan cityscape. As with the majority of countries and cities, it is in its rivers where it all began, and so what better way to get to know a place? It’s also no secret that North America is home to some of the world’s most gorgeous lakes and with American Queen Voyage’s you can explore these in some of the most sophisticated sailing vessels on the continent. Whether it be following the meandering rivers, wide open lakes or ocean coastline, American Queen Voyages will a deliver an exceptional cruising experience.

Expert-guided expeditions

What impresses us about American Queen Voyages is that they manage to bridge the gap between authentic American sailing and the desires of the modern traveller. Much like other luxury cruising vessels, AQV’s expeditions are intimate and exclusive. Small group tours allow you to properly experience a destination without the distraction of crowds and large groups. However, AQV go one step further with expeditions led by expert guides. You’ll be able to learn from the likes of marine biologists and historians about the destinations you visit. There’s hardly a more immersive way to experience and learn about a destination than with American Queen Voyages.