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Enjoy hours of inflight entertainment options and delicious menu items designed with Air Canada's Chef Jérôme Ferrer. Plus, with WiFi equipped flights and a relaxing seat, you can simply sit back and enjoy your journey from start to finish.

Cabin Classes


Relax with Air Canada's comfortable Economy seats, built with an adjustable headrest and complete with a complimentary pillow and blanket. Entertain the whole family with the hours of on-demand entertainment on your personal 8.9" touch-screen television, choosing from films, television shows and music, or plug in to the USB port to access on board WiFi, before enjoying the complimentary onboard drinks and delicious food.

Premium Economy

Upgrade from the standard Economy seats and make the most of your flight in the Premium Economy seating which offers plentiful room to stretch out with a greater recline and an adjustable headrest so you can get completely comfortable no matter your destination. Premium Economy with Air Canada puts your needs first, offering a complimentary amenity kit full of everything you could need whilst flying Air Canada as well as a comfortable pillow and cosy blanket. Relax with the complimentary onboard meal and drinks before taking advantage of the on-demand entertainment on your personal touchscreen television. In addition, all Premium Economy tickets offer complimentary priority boarding, check-in and baggage handling so you can start your holiday without stress.

Signature Class

Fly in luxury with Air Canada's exclusive Signature Class with complimentary access to the private Maple Leaf Lounges before your flight and luxurious Pods with lumbar support and massage function, which converts to a fully flat bed with pillows, duvet, mattress padding and exclusive amenity kit so you can rest peacefully in the skies. Enjoy not only the delectable complimentary meals and drinks but also the hours of inflight entertainment, suitable for all tastes. In addition, all Signature Class tickets offer complimentary priority boarding, check-in and baggage handling.

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