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The Multi Centre Experience

For those travellers wishing to have two holiday experiences in one - the twin centre holiday concept is ideal. Our airline partners offer extensive, worldwide routings making travel between various destinations very simple and convenient. Given that quality accommodation and superb service are the common denominators throughout, the most discerning of clients are able to take advantage of and enjoy two very different experiences.

Why not contrast the hustle and bustle of the souks and shopping in Dubai or Abu Dhabi with the tropical romance of Mauritius, or the tranquillity of the endless white sandy beaches of the Seychelles? Or how about mixing the culture of a Sri Lankan tour with the relaxation of a spa holiday in the Maldives? Alternatively, why not combine the trip of a lifetime on the Eastern and Oriental Express with a stay in Singapore or Bangkok? The combinations are almost limitless and our knowledgeable and well travelled reservations team will be only to happy to tailor make your dream itinerary.


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