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The secrets of the elephant trunk revealed...

Elephant Hills elephants articleMany may think the trunk of an elephant has only evolved for picking food or breathing but in fact, it's an essential part of an elephant’s lifestyle. The trunk is very versatile and we’ve got some surprising facts to share, thanks to our friends at Elephant Hills Jungle Safari.

Many body parts in one
The trunk is both an upper lip and a nose, with two nostrils running through the whole thing. At the trunk’s tip African elephant have two fingers while Asian elephants have one. The dexterity of the fingers allows an elephant the ability to do things like picking up a small piece of fruit or holding tiny things firmly.

Mighty muscles
An elephant’s trunk has eight major muscles on either side and 150,000 muscle bundles in all. It is so strong that it can push down trees and lift a whopping 320kg!

Its got the moves
Like the human tongue, the trunk is a muscular hydrostat – a boneless muscular structure that allows for its excellent maneuverability.

A built-in snorkel
That feature makes the elephant unique in another category as well – it is the only animal that can effectively snorkel on its own. By extending the trunk out of the water, elephants can cross bodies of water that would prove too deep for other less-equipped animals.

It says a lot
Not only is the trunk used for breathing, smelling, and drinking, it is also used for social purposes like greetings and caresses.

Don’t just take our word for it, get up close and personal with these fascinating creatures at Elephant Hills Jungle Safari. Call our Asia specialists on 0141 955 4000.

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