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Highlights of Oman, Muscat


From the busting capital to serene desert landscapes, the Highlights of Oman tour is the ideal introduction to this unspoiled country. The perfect add-on to an Oman beach holiday, this tour will introduce visitors to the country’s own ‘Grand Canyon’, hot springs, rugged mountains, ancient forts and nesting turtles on beautiful beaches.

3 night stay from £1,175 per person

Wonders of Oman , Oman


Be surprised and amazed by the Wonders of Oman. Experience the Grand Mosque, historic forts, caves castles and even nesting turtles.

6 night stay from £1,725 per person

Best of Oman, Oman


The Best of Oman tour is the ideal introduction to this unspoiled country. Discover Oman's 'Grand Canyon', sparkling hot springs, towering mountains, historic forts and endangered turtles on this tailor-made tour.


What clothes should I pack?

In Arabia women should dress modestly in public areas, ensuring that the tops of arms and legs are covered and that underwear is not visible; tight fitting clothes are likely to attract attention. It is advisable for women to carry a large scarf or pashmina as an additional cover up if needed. Swimming attire should not be worn except on tourist beaches or in swimming pools.

What kind of accommodation should I expect on my tour?

The accommodation on our tour itineraries is generally in the four/five star category and in keeping with our luxury portfolio. Very occasionally it is necessary to compromise a little on luxury in order to achieve the best possible reality experience. In these circumstances this will be clearly detailed in the tour itinerary.

Should I tip?

Some bar and restaurant bills will contain a pre-added service charge; if you wish to tip (up to 10%, more if you are generous) it may not go to the person that served you. Tipping hotel staff, such as the concierge and porter, early in your stay will ensure consistent high service. If you wish to tip your room cleaner it is advisable to do so on a daily basis as it may not be the same person every day of your stay. Unlike elsewhere in the region, don’t tip bathroom attendants in the United Arab Emirates.

Is my tour private?

All of our tours are privately escorted. That is to say that it will only be your own party travelling, along with the accompanying guide. As this is your tour, there is usually some flexibility which would enable you to deviate from the suggested itinerary if there is somewhere that you would specifically like to visit. Your guide will be a local expert, able to share their in-depth knowledge with you and offer a genuine insight into the locale.

Do I need a visa?

Visitors to the United Arab Emirates from the United Kingdom are not required to prearrange a visa for their visit and will be issued a 30-day tourist visa, free of charge, upon arrive. Tourist visas are also granted upon arrival to Oman for a nominal fee (R.O. 5 for 10 days, R.O. 20 for more than 10 days). Passengers arriving, and bearing a tourist entrance visa, from Dubai are not required to obtain a separate visa for Oman.

What vaccinations are required for visiting Arabia?

Although the Foreign and Commonwealth Office do not identify any vaccines required for travel to Arabia, we recommend that you discuss these requirements in more detail with your GP or Practice Nurse around 6-8 weeks before travel.

Will there be any free time on the tour?

While there may not be free time every day of your tour, time will be available for you to spend at your leisure. This usually consists of either a morning or afternoon and will be clearly marked on your itinerary.

Should I book any pre or post tour accommodation?

Although not compulsory, we would recommend that you consider booking accommodation for at least one night before and after your tour or cruise as flights doesn’t always arrive on time and luggage can sometimes take a detour.

Should I visit during Ramadan?

Yes, Ramadan is an important and exciting event in the Muslim calendar and is scheduled to fall between 28 June and 27 July 2014. However, it is important to note that Ramadan is taken seriously in the United Arab Emirates and non-Muslims should refrain from any displays of affection, eating, drinking and smoking and in public (including cars). During the day cafes, bars and restaurants are likely to be shut, with limited shopping and entertainment facilities available.

Can I smoke and drink alcohol?

Yes. Tobacco products can be purchased by individuals over 18, although smoking is banned in many public places. Electronic cigarettes are illegal in the United Arab Emirates and are likely to be confiscated at the border. The legal drinking age in Oman is 21, 18 in Abu Dhabi (although a Ministry of Tourism by-law allows hotels to serve alcohol to those only over 21) and 21 in Dubai and the Northern Emirates; drinking alcohol is illegal in Sharjah. Alcohol can only be purchased from duty-free upon arrival and at licensed hotels and restaurants. However it is an offence to drink or be drunk in public. Note, smoking and drinking is not permitted in public during Ramadan.


If our website does not offer a tailormade tour that exactly meets your needs, please call one of our expert reservations team on 0141 955 4000 and they will enhance your requirements with enthusiasm and professionalism in order to create a bespoke tailor made tour.

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